Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper

Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper


This unique plantable paper has been handmade in the UK using native British wildflower seeds exclusively mixed by Ruby & Bo to support bees and other pollinators.


    The seed mix in this paper includes 24 varieties of non-invasive species, all listed on the RHS Plants for Pollinators list. Both annuals, for first year colour, and perennials, which will bloom in the second year.

    The seeds are sent to artisan papermakers in the South of England, where they are expertly embedded into recycled paper pulp and hung to air dry to maximise germination rates.

    When the paper is planted, the seeds germinate, the paper composts away and all that remains are the flowers.

    Our British Wildflower paper is available in two finishes, Standard (approx 120gsm)  and Super Seedy (approx 240gsm).

    Please note: This paper is handmade and minor variations in paper weight are to be expected.

    Visit our instagram page @rubyandboshop to see our customer growing shots!


    Common Agrimony, Borage, Wild Clary, Red clover, White clover, Corn cockle, Cornflower, Ox-eye daisy, Wild Foxglove, Common Knapweed, Greater Knapweed, Purple loosestrife, Wild Marjoram, Meadow Cranesbil, Musk mallow, Common Poppy, Ragged robin, Sainfoin, Field Scabious, Small Scabious, Teasel, Bird's-foot trefoil, Kidney vetch, Viper's bugloss, Yarrow, Yellow Rattle.