Eco Friendly Ribbon 100% Recycled Grosgrain

Eco Friendly Ribbon 100% Recycled Grosgrain

1 Meter

Our eco-friendly ribbon has been sustainably made using 100% post-consumer plastic bottles!


Ten plastic bottles make approximately 100 metres of our 19mm ribbon.. this means that for every two 5 metre reels of Ruby&Bo ribbon produced, one plastic bottle is saved from landfill, or from damaging the wider environment like our oceans.


    This beautiful ribbon looks and feels exactly like normal Grosgrain ribbon and is available in a choice of 10 vibrant colours.


    The ribbon is attached to cardboard reels using paper tape, wound, and finished with a recycled paper sticker.

    It is available in 5m reels and measures 19mm wide.


    1. The plastic bottles are collected from recycling plants, washed, sorted and crushed into balls.

    2. The balls are then ground into small flakes, washed again and heated.

    3. The flaked become molten plastic, and this is then extruded at high pressure into yarn.

    4. The yarn is coloured using water-based dyes, and used to make our ribbon!

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