Frequently asked questions

Can cards be posted directly to the recipient?

Yes! We can hand write a message and post to the recipient directly - Please email us at hello@rubyandbo.com after checkout.

Which wildflower seeds are embedded in the seed cards?

We use three seed paper's across our product offer and the specific paper detail is shown on each product page. WILDFLOWER Common Agrimony 1%, Borage 7%, Wild Clary 4%, Red clover 3%, White clover 1%, Corn cockle 8%, Cornflower 6%, Ox-eye daisy 5%, Wild Foxglove 3%, Common Knapweed 6%, Greater Knapweed 5%, Purple loosestrife 1%, Wild Marjoram 1%, Meadow Cranesbil 1%, Musk mallow 5%, Common Poppy 5%, Ragged robin 2%, Sainfoin 7%, Field Scabious 7%, Small Scabious 3%, Teasel 1%, Bird's-foot trefoil 2%, Kidney vetch 2%, Viper's bugloss 2%, Yarrow 5%, Yellow Rattle 7%. CORNFIELD Corn Chamomile 15%, Corn Cockle 45%, Cornflower 20%, Corn Marigold 15%, Common Poppy 5%. MEADOW The wildflowers in this paper are mixed with grass seed. The following ratio's are for the flower seeds only: Birdsfoot Trefoil 3%, Black Knapweed 8%, Black Medick 3%, Meadow Buttercup 12%, Musk Mallow 4%, Ox-Eye Daisy 12%, Ribwort Plantain 12%, Red Campion 8%, Salad Burnet 4%, Self Heal 15%, White Campion 12% and Yarrow 7%. Please note - All our paper is handmade and exact seed ratio's will vary from product to product

How do I plant my seed paper gifts?

Planting is easy! 1. PLANT - Fill a pot with compost and place seed paper on top (tear into smaller pieces if necessary) Cover with a thin layer of more compost.. or soil if planting outside 2. WATER - Give the paper a really good water. Soak it! 3. SUN - Put the pot somewhere light and sunny and water regularly 4. GROW - When the seedlings have grown (6-8 weeks) you can re-pot them or plant directly in the garden

Does seed paper have a 'best before' date?

Yes! Our seed paper products are best planted within 18 months, after then the germination rate will decline. In addition, the paper should be stored in a cool and dry place - heat and humidity also affect germination rates.

Do you offer wholesale terms for large orders?

Yes and no! We offer wholesale terms for retailers and online stockists who wish to stock our products and who share our brand ethos. We offer corporate terms for businesses who purchase bulk quantities for marketing, promotional or corporate activity. All discounting is at our discretion and exclusions may apply.