We're Ruby&Bo!

(We’re actually Victoria & Rob but we had children and so it’s all about them now. Obviously).

We design and make a range of plantable cards and eco-friendly stationery.

Our products are all handmade here in the UK using materials sourced sustainably and locally.

The seeds we use are native and the varieties have been exclusively mixed to support bees and other pollinators. That is why we proudly carry the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Plants for Pollinators’ badge on all of our plantable products.

Our seed mix is sent to artisan papermakers in the South of England (no air miles here) where they are embedded into handmade paper.

We use this paper to create genuinely eco-friendly cards and stationery, and we re-invest a portion of our profits in environmental schemes, such as tree planting. In fact, we plant a tree every time we receive an order. You can watch our forest grow here

We could get super technical about the eco-credentials of our materials and processes – (we've consolidated it all here) - but for now, just know that we are producing 100% plastic free, fully compostable and biodegradable products, and that we are doing so ethically and sustainably.

And also know that our plantable products turn into flowers. Real flowers. Annuals and perennials, 24 varieties of colourful, happy, blooming beautiful flowers.


So don’t throw it, grow it, and feed the bees too.